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Rocking hard is our motto. We are an energetic, metal-inspired hard rock band from the Netherlands. Besides rocking we party and kick ass on every stage! The band is rocking hard since 2015, in 2016 we released an EP called Black. And since the spring of 2020 we’ve released two singles which can be heard on every streaming service. We’re always busy with making new songs. So, whenever you get the chance, check us out!



Our style is hard to define, but we’ll give it a shot. It’s constructed through punchy and straightforward drums, pounding deep basslines, aggressive guitar riffs and vocals ranging from clean melodies to hard-hitting screams. The sound is influenced by a lot of different bands and styles, both old-school and modern. We don’t know any bands that sound exactly alike, so if you want to find out for yourself what we sound like, we invite you to come see us play, or check out one of the videos on our socials.

Members of Decay


Gitaren met: De Heideroosjes, Decay & Guns ‘n Roses

On october 2nd we will be performing our first show in over two years. it will be awesome night with great music.

info & RSVP: here

Entry: €4,00

Decay Presents: 6.66 Years of Rocking Hard

Our anniversary show will finally take place on january 8th in Bergeijk, De Gouden Leeuw.

The doors open at 20:00 and the amazing guys from Volbeer will be kicking the evening off, timetable will later be announced. 

RSVP here

Entry: Free

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Our Rocking Merch

If you like the band or just like the designs of the shirts, please consider buying some of our merch. We have all sorts of apparel like shirt, sweaters, and hoodies. Just click the button below!


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